Peter Mount Shasta

Peter Mt. Shasta travelled widely in India and spent a significant amount of time together with Neem Karoli Baba, Ram Dass and his guru. He took time to visit Anandamayi Ma, Sathya Sai Baba and other notable spiritual leaders. This adventure is extensively described in his book the Guru & quot. He later made his return to Western world in the year 1973. On his return Saint Germain (an ascended master) appeared before him in a tangible body. Saint Germain advised him to make a journey to Mount Shasta to receive instruction as vividly described in Peter Mount Shasta’s book. At Mount Shasta he met Pearl who taught and trained him as to how to call God into action via laws from the “I AM”. During the training, he was made ready for service together with Ascended Masters. During this time, he met the Masters called Kuthumi Lai Singh and Morya El who appeared in tangible form too. He has also visited Egypt, Tibet and South America

Peter Mount Shasta has written several books. Some of which include Maestra Ascendia Perla, Lady Master Pearl, Je Suis La Presence Divine, I AM Affirmations and the Secret of Their Effective Use, I AM the Open Door and ICH BIN die Offene Tur.

I AM the Open Door
It contains numerous spiritual discourses by different Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters were considered to be perfect beings with no fault and were at one time men and women living on Earth. The Masters were usually ordered at the request of the Great Divine Director. These beings are believed to have appeared I light bodies that could be easily visualized. They normally appeared to offer teachings in the manner in which to communicate with an individual’s personal inner God presence. This presence was then meant to be called into action using the phrase I AM. The book contains a total of fourteen discourses that appeal to readers to be inspired by it and to live in accordance with the spiritual law of love.

Teachings of Peter Mount Shasta
He has many teachings under his name. Some of the major ones include The Violent Flame, An Easter Message, Meditation in Action at Seven Suns Café, Meditation Instructions, Conversation on Mastery, The Second Coming of Christ, Life As The Spiritual Path, Maitreya, The Maitreya, Invoking the Divine Mother with I AM Affirmations, Getting Guidance, Remembering Pearl, Who is Saint Germain, Expanding The I AM Teachings, Erweiterung der ICH BIN Lehre, Turning Into The I AM and Expanding the I AM Teachings among others.

Legends of Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta is located in California. This mountain has numerous legends and myths about it. For instance, it is believed to host a secret city under its peaks. Other legends and myths suggest that the city is deserted while others claim that the city hosts mythical animals or human beings with superior technology.

You can get hold of Peter Mt. Shasta on Twitter at Pshasta, on Facebook at Peter Mt. Shasta and on his blog at http:/





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Paramahansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda was born in India to a Bengali family. Since his birth, everyone close to him, realized that he was very different and way ahead of the other children. He was always destined for success. His family were disciples of an Indian yoga expert named Lahiri. When he was seventeen years of age, he learned yoga, under the guidance of the yoga expert, Yukteshwar Giri. He spent the next 10 years of life living the strict rules and guidance of Yukteshwar. Then, he officially became a monk and acquired the name ” Yogananda”. After that, he opened a school to teach yoga and give spiritual lessons to the kids over there. One day, he decided that it was finally time to expand his teachings, and he headed for the West. He also became the first yoga master from India, who became a permanent resident in America. He instantly became a huge success over there. Thousands of Americans used to visit his lectures. His ultimate aim was to unite the world, and teach people how to connect with God. His teachings were extremely famous in India, but he left a legacy over here in the West. Even today, millions of people all over the world, closely follow his teachings, in order to live a spiritual life.

Yogananda tried to tell us the following things through his teachings:

1. Karma: Yogananda has mentioned about Karma in his teachings. He explained to everyone, that we get what we deserve. All our actions and behavior towards other persons, will decide what we get in life. Our actions in the past, will decide what we get in our future. The only way we can escape from Karma is by living a happy life, and being kind to everyone we meet. Karma is a hugely popular term in the modern world. We almost use it on a regular basis. But the concept behind Karma, was mentioned by Yogananda ages ago in his teachings.

2. Importance of Prana: Yogananda tells us that we need to control the flow of energy. Our life will get much better, once we learn to master this technique. He teaches us how to become an expert in Kriya Yoga, in order to control the energy around us.

3. God is all powerful. Yogananda believes that God has all the power in the world. Everything in the world, has been created by him. In short, he is the creator and we are his creation. It is our duty to connect spiritually with our creator.

4. Importance of meditation: According to Yogananda, meditation is the key to connect with God. When Yogananda visited the West for the first time, not a single person had any knowledge about Meditation. But currently, millions of Americans are meditating on a daily basis. Thus, his impact on the West can clearly be understood from this.

5. No need to leave the world: Yogananda also taught us, that we can connect with God by living a normal life. Many people earlier used to believe, that we need to leave the world or lead an isolated life in order to establish a connection with God.




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Guy Ballard (Godfre Ray King)

Lauras Guy Ballard (1878-1939) was a teacher and student of theosophy and transcendent wisdom. Alongside Edna Wheeler Ballard, Guy Ballard created the ‘I AM’ method. He wrote several works explaining his thoughts and beliefs under the pen name Godfre Ray King. Here, you can learn all about the life and the teachings of Guy Ballard (Godfre Ray King).

A brief life of Guy Ballard: the mountaintop encounter than changed everything

Guy Ballard was born in 1878 in Newton, Kansas. At first, he had a somewhat regular upbringing. He married his wife in 1916, and he became a soldier in the US Army during World War I and later worked as a mining engineer.

However, one day, Ballard was walking up Mount Shasta (which is situated in the state of California) and he met another hiker who claimed to be a Count. And not just any old Count: the Count of St Germain, who lived during the eighteenth century and who was a renowned polymath.

This was to be the first in a series of encounters on North American mountain ranges that would propel Ballard to take the path of theosophy and New Age wisdom. Soon after his encounter on Mount Shasta, Ballard developed the I AM method, which will be explained in more detail below.

The date of Ballard’s death is recorded as 1939. However, Ballard’s followers prefer to say that he did not die but rather Ascended and took on a new name: Master Godfre. Ballard is associated with resurrection, and his followers believe that his previous incarnations include George Washington and Richard the Lionheart.

The I AM activity

After the episode on Mount Shasta described above, Ballard and his wife Edna took on the roles of the messengers of St Germain. They founded the I AM movement, which is sometimes also called ‘The I AM activity’ or ‘The I AM method’.

The I AM activity integrates Christian teachings with New Age wisdom. Essential to the I AM movement is the belief that there is a part of the Divine spark in all of us, however small. The purpose of the movement is to acknowledge, nourish, and augment that spark. The phrase ‘I AM’ is taken from the Sanskrit mantra, ‘I am that I am’ (or ‘So Ham’ in the original Sanskrit).

The ultimate aim of the I AM activity is to make a person more virtuous: to amplify their love, justice and forgiveness. Sometimes, participants will call forth the Holy Spirit and ask for inspiration or forgiveness.

Central to this activity is the ‘I AM Presence’ which is sometimes described as a bright violet light or flame. Whether or not this flame is the Holy Spirit, it is said to surround certain people who participate in the I AM activity. And, when this happens, other participants will usually gather round the person who is surrounded by the I AM presence as this is a very special moment in the I AM activity.

The I AM movement was very popular. By the late 1930s, the Ballards had garnered around a million followers. These numbers have stayed strong right up until the present day.


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Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce was born in the year 1877 and passed away in 1945. He used to be referred to as the “sleeping prophet” and he used to be a teacher of a Sunday school. His church was the Disciples of Christ Church and there are reports suggesting that earlier in his life he was open to some occult practices. Cayce was capable of seeing and also talking to the spirit of his late grandfather and he was also able to play with some of his ‘imaginary friends’ whom he described as spirits. In the 1800s and early 20thbcentury, the Christian Churches had Spiritualist influence and this could explain the early tendencies in Cayce’s life.

His turning point came in the year 1901 when he was healed albeit briefly for laryngitis which he had for a long term by a hypnotist. This affliction returned again and he went to another hypnotist, Al Layne, who diagnosed its cause while Cayce was in a trance state, he declared in that moment that he had been cured. Cayce was then able to go into a trance and diagnosed as well as treated Layne. Layne was of the suggestion that Cayce ought to offer trance healing d to the public at large. He used to get letters from a number of people, go to a trance, diagnose the issue and offer treatment advice. David Cayce became increasingly popular due to his medical readings that he was given when he entered onto a trance state.

The readings were characterized by some famous words: “We have the Body” which made Cayce to be well known. Cayce was then encouraged to do a reading that was spiritual to a man known as Arthur Lammers. Lammers was a student of the occult, esoteric astrology and metaphysics. His readings while in the trance state included information about reincarnation and astrology. When these things were brought to his attention, he wondered why he said of such things and they were in conflict with the Christian upbringing he had enjoyed. Cayce used to doubt the information but Lammers encouraged him on with an attempt of persuading him. The voice itself encouraged Cayce to go on with these readings although he used to doubt the voice in the past.

Akashic Record
This concept is quite familiar with the occult studies and New Age. The writer was informed about this before becoming a Christian in classes for psychic development that these records (Akashic) had been stored in a file cabinet that is giant in size. In order to access these records, one has to possess certain psychic powers or gifts. It is widely believed that psychics and other various people usually get their information from. However, there are other various theories about the sources of such information as well.

The readings by David Cayce while in his trance state used to be medical at first and then increasingly became spiritual. These readings were numbered, transcribed and then catalogued carefully. They are available today in the headquarters library of the Cayce’s movement. His readings fall into five categories: philosophy and reincarnation, health-related information, ESP and Psychic phenomena, Dreams and their interpretation and Spiritual growth, prayer and meditation.


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Life is the Path

This is a fascinating talk from one of my favorite Teachers. I fully believe in taking life as the spiritual path — meaning using events in your life to teach you about yourself (know thyself and you will know the universe and the Gods); taking the people in your life as your teachers. Life is happening For you, not To you.


The Theosophical Society was founded by in New York City in 1875 by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Henry Steel Olcott, William Quan Judge, and a few others. It was formed to investigate, study, explain, and advance spiritual awareness, and to search for the Truth instead of blindly following religious dogmas, and superstition.

Theosophy means “divine wisdom.” It is derived from the Greek word, “the” (divine) and “Sophia” (wisdom). Its philosophy is a modern day presentation of wisdom derived through the ages from the worlds’ religions, sciences, and philosophies. The Society does not impose beliefs on its members, and members are encouraged to find the meaning of life through study, reflection, self-responsibility, and loving service.

Books on Theosophy are not a revelation or final authority but rather serve as a guide to the individuals’ search; ideas of value are to be absorbed while discarding the superfluous concepts. The motto of the Society is, “There is no religion higher than truth”. The purpose of this motto is simple and direct, that is to open our minds by not simply accepting what is being taught and/or of a hypocritical nature just because it is from a holy text; but to approach it with an open and enquiring mind plus realise that there are other religions, philosophies, science, and conscious aspects you need to consider on your spiritual journey.

The three objects of the society are:

1. To form a nucleus of the universal brotherhood of humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or color; and

2. To encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy, and science; and

3. To investigate the unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in man.

Those seeking to join need not belong to any particular religion, as the Society is unsectarian, and non-political, and open to anyone regardless of race, creed, gender, caste, or color. Theosophy’ aim is to aid humanity, and not to promote the self-interests of members.


Shortly after H P Blavatsky’s passing, the Society split into two. The original organization led by H S Olcott and Annie Bessant based its international headquarters known as “Theosophical Society – Adyar” at Chennai (formerly Madras), India. W Q Judge seceded, took most of the American Section with him and formed the “The Theosophical Society – International Headquarters”, which is based in Pasadena, California today. The American Section has further split into a few other organizations – a family tree of this development is available from the website for “The Theosophical Society in America”.

The contribution of the founders of Theosophy was to encourage open-minded inquiry, to make humankind realize that there is a path for spiritual self-transformation, and for the realization of universal brotherhood so that we are free to pursue our destiny in harmony and at peace with everyone.

Theosophy is the insight fundamental all religions when they are stripped of accumulations and superstitions. It offers a rationality which renders life clear and shows that Justice and adoration direct the universe. Its teachings help the unfoldment of the inactive otherworldly nature in the individual, without reliance or fear.The society forces no conviction and reason presence by connecting with themselves in study, reflection, immaculateness of life and adoring administration.

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History of the Earth — Esoteric Version

This is a bit of a long one, but it’s well worth your time to watch it to the end. Some of it may seem “far out” to some of you, but as the narrator says, don’t take it as absolute truth or feel that you *must* believe any part of it. Just keep an open mind and allow yourself to experience whatever you do experience while watching this video. If you watch to the end, a lot is explained…it all ties together fascinatingly well. Email us and let us know what you think.