New Age.

What does that term mean to you?

For many, it is derogatory. New age equates to hippie dippy baloney. For others, even those who consider themselves “spiritual” or “crunchy” or something of the like, it’s a label that they prefer not to identify with, because so many do use it with negative connotations. For others, it invokes images of didgeridoo music, or crystals, or young hipsters meditating in the lotus position, or Deepak Chopra’s books from the 90’s, amiright?

I’m personally reclaiming that term, and if you resonate with anything labelled as “new age,” I would encourage you to do the same. The term, and the new age movement, resurfaced in the 1930’s, and originates well before then; it refers to the new Age that we are ushering in — an era in which human consciousness as a whole is expanding at an increasing rate, and even the most sense-conscious amongĀ us can no longer deny the shifts that keep happening, not only in our lives, but the lives of all those we know.

I welcome this new age with open arms, and while the world is no more predictable, it has never been so. I willingly trade my delusions for Truth; I rejoice that Ancient Wisdom is becoming readily available, no longer shrouded in mythology and mystery; I have a burning passion to share this Life with the world in any way that people are ready to accept it.

The thoughts I share will not all be my original thoughts, because every thought in the universe has already been conceived sometime and somewhere. They will generally be ideas with which I resonate, although I do not claim anything to be my hard-and-fast beliefs, as I try to avoid having those, preferring to stay as open minded as I can stand to be — for that which is rigid will break, but that which can bend, endures.

I hope you enjoy the content of this site, but if you don’t, I take no offense. You are free to move along and find that which resonates with you. If you do vibrate along my wavelength, feel free to contact me, say hello, share thoughts and feelings and ideas and theories, and most importantly, love. Love is the cohesive power of this universe. Much love to all of you!