Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce was born in the year 1877 and passed away in 1945. He used to be referred to as the “sleeping prophet” and he used to be a teacher of a Sunday school. His church was the Disciples of Christ Church and there are reports suggesting that earlier in his life he was open to some occult practices. Cayce was capable of seeing and also talking to the spirit of his late grandfather and he was also able to play with some of his ‘imaginary friends’ whom he described as spirits. In the 1800s and early 20thbcentury, the Christian Churches had Spiritualist influence and this could explain the early tendencies in Cayce’s life.

His turning point came in the year 1901 when he was healed albeit briefly for laryngitis which he had for a long term by a hypnotist. This affliction returned again and he went to another hypnotist, Al Layne, who diagnosed its cause while Cayce was in a trance state, he declared in that moment that he had been cured. Cayce was then able to go into a trance and diagnosed as well as treated Layne. Layne was of the suggestion that Cayce ought to offer trance healing d to the public at large. He used to get letters from a number of people, go to a trance, diagnose the issue and offer treatment advice. David Cayce became increasingly popular due to his medical readings that he was given when he entered onto a trance state.

The readings were characterized by some famous words: “We have the Body” which made Cayce to be well known. Cayce was then encouraged to do a reading that was spiritual to a man known as Arthur Lammers. Lammers was a student of the occult, esoteric astrology and metaphysics. His readings while in the trance state included information about reincarnation and astrology. When these things were brought to his attention, he wondered why he said of such things and they were in conflict with the Christian upbringing he had enjoyed. Cayce used to doubt the information but Lammers encouraged him on with an attempt of persuading him. The voice itself encouraged Cayce to go on with these readings although he used to doubt the voice in the past.

Akashic Record
This concept is quite familiar with the occult studies and New Age. The writer was informed about this before becoming a Christian in classes for psychic development that these records (Akashic) had been stored in a file cabinet that is giant in size. In order to access these records, one has to possess certain psychic powers or gifts. It is widely believed that psychics and other various people usually get their information from. However, there are other various theories about the sources of such information as well.

The readings by David Cayce while in his trance state used to be medical at first and then increasingly became spiritual. These readings were numbered, transcribed and then catalogued carefully. They are available today in the headquarters library of the Cayce’s movement. His readings fall into five categories: philosophy and reincarnation, health-related information, ESP and Psychic phenomena, Dreams and their interpretation and Spiritual growth, prayer and meditation.


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