Guy Ballard (Godfre Ray King)

Lauras Guy Ballard (1878-1939) was a teacher and student of theosophy and transcendent wisdom. Alongside Edna Wheeler Ballard, Guy Ballard created the ‘I AM’ method. He wrote several works explaining his thoughts and beliefs under the pen name Godfre Ray King. Here, you can learn all about the life and the teachings of Guy Ballard (Godfre Ray King).

A brief life of Guy Ballard: the mountaintop encounter than changed everything

Guy Ballard was born in 1878 in Newton, Kansas. At first, he had a somewhat regular upbringing. He married his wife in 1916, and he became a soldier in the US Army during World War I and later worked as a mining engineer.

However, one day, Ballard was walking up Mount Shasta (which is situated in the state of California) and he met another hiker who claimed to be a Count. And not just any old Count: the Count of St Germain, who lived during the eighteenth century and who was a renowned polymath.

This was to be the first in a series of encounters on North American mountain ranges that would propel Ballard to take the path of theosophy and New Age wisdom. Soon after his encounter on Mount Shasta, Ballard developed the I AM method, which will be explained in more detail below.

The date of Ballard’s death is recorded as 1939. However, Ballard’s followers prefer to say that he did not die but rather Ascended and took on a new name: Master Godfre. Ballard is associated with resurrection, and his followers believe that his previous incarnations include George Washington and Richard the Lionheart.

The I AM activity

After the episode on Mount Shasta described above, Ballard and his wife Edna took on the roles of the messengers of St Germain. They founded the I AM movement, which is sometimes also called ‘The I AM activity’ or ‘The I AM method’.

The I AM activity integrates Christian teachings with New Age wisdom. Essential to the I AM movement is the belief that there is a part of the Divine spark in all of us, however small. The purpose of the movement is to acknowledge, nourish, and augment that spark. The phrase ‘I AM’ is taken from the Sanskrit mantra, ‘I am that I am’ (or ‘So Ham’ in the original Sanskrit).

The ultimate aim of the I AM activity is to make a person more virtuous: to amplify their love, justice and forgiveness. Sometimes, participants will call forth the Holy Spirit and ask for inspiration or forgiveness.

Central to this activity is the ‘I AM Presence’ which is sometimes described as a bright violet light or flame. Whether or not this flame is the Holy Spirit, it is said to surround certain people who participate in the I AM activity. And, when this happens, other participants will usually gather round the person who is surrounded by the I AM presence as this is a very special moment in the I AM activity.

The I AM movement was very popular. By the late 1930s, the Ballards had garnered around a million followers. These numbers have stayed strong right up until the present day.


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