Paramahansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda was born in India to a Bengali family. Since his birth, everyone close to him, realized that he was very different and way ahead of the other children. He was always destined for success. His family were disciples of an Indian yoga expert named Lahiri. When he was seventeen years of age, he learned yoga, under the guidance of the yoga expert, Yukteshwar Giri. He spent the next 10 years of life living the strict rules and guidance of Yukteshwar. Then, he officially became a monk and acquired the name ” Yogananda”. After that, he opened a school to teach yoga and give spiritual lessons to the kids over there. One day, he decided that it was finally time to expand his teachings, and he headed for the West. He also became the first yoga master from India, who became a permanent resident in America. He instantly became a huge success over there. Thousands of Americans used to visit his lectures. His ultimate aim was to unite the world, and teach people how to connect with God. His teachings were extremely famous in India, but he left a legacy over here in the West. Even today, millions of people all over the world, closely follow his teachings, in order to live a spiritual life.

Yogananda tried to tell us the following things through his teachings:

1. Karma: Yogananda has mentioned about Karma in his teachings. He explained to everyone, that we get what we deserve. All our actions and behavior towards other persons, will decide what we get in life. Our actions in the past, will decide what we get in our future. The only way we can escape from Karma is by living a happy life, and being kind to everyone we meet. Karma is a hugely popular term in the modern world. We almost use it on a regular basis. But the concept behind Karma, was mentioned by Yogananda ages ago in his teachings.

2. Importance of Prana: Yogananda tells us that we need to control the flow of energy. Our life will get much better, once we learn to master this technique. He teaches us how to become an expert in Kriya Yoga, in order to control the energy around us.

3. God is all powerful. Yogananda believes that God has all the power in the world. Everything in the world, has been created by him. In short, he is the creator and we are his creation. It is our duty to connect spiritually with our creator.

4. Importance of meditation: According to Yogananda, meditation is the key to connect with God. When Yogananda visited the West for the first time, not a single person had any knowledge about Meditation. But currently, millions of Americans are meditating on a daily basis. Thus, his impact on the West can clearly be understood from this.

5. No need to leave the world: Yogananda also taught us, that we can connect with God by living a normal life. Many people earlier used to believe, that we need to leave the world or lead an isolated life in order to establish a connection with God.




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