Peter Mount Shasta

Peter Mt. Shasta travelled widely in India and spent a significant amount of time together with Neem Karoli Baba, Ram Dass and his guru. He took time to visit Anandamayi Ma, Sathya Sai Baba and other notable spiritual leaders. This adventure is extensively described in his book the Guru & quot. He later made his return to Western world in the year 1973. On his return Saint Germain (an ascended master) appeared before him in a tangible body. Saint Germain advised him to make a journey to Mount Shasta to receive instruction as vividly described in Peter Mount Shasta’s book. At Mount Shasta he met Pearl who taught and trained him as to how to call God into action via laws from the “I AM”. During the training, he was made ready for service together with Ascended Masters. During this time, he met the Masters called Kuthumi Lai Singh and Morya El who appeared in tangible form too. He has also visited Egypt, Tibet and South America

Peter Mount Shasta has written several books. Some of which include Maestra Ascendia Perla, Lady Master Pearl, Je Suis La Presence Divine, I AM Affirmations and the Secret of Their Effective Use, I AM the Open Door and ICH BIN die Offene Tur.

I AM the Open Door
It contains numerous spiritual discourses by different Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters were considered to be perfect beings with no fault and were at one time men and women living on Earth. The Masters were usually ordered at the request of the Great Divine Director. These beings are believed to have appeared I light bodies that could be easily visualized. They normally appeared to offer teachings in the manner in which to communicate with an individual’s personal inner God presence. This presence was then meant to be called into action using the phrase I AM. The book contains a total of fourteen discourses that appeal to readers to be inspired by it and to live in accordance with the spiritual law of love.

Teachings of Peter Mount Shasta
He has many teachings under his name. Some of the major ones include The Violent Flame, An Easter Message, Meditation in Action at Seven Suns Café, Meditation Instructions, Conversation on Mastery, The Second Coming of Christ, Life As The Spiritual Path, Maitreya, The Maitreya, Invoking the Divine Mother with I AM Affirmations, Getting Guidance, Remembering Pearl, Who is Saint Germain, Expanding The I AM Teachings, Erweiterung der ICH BIN Lehre, Turning Into The I AM and Expanding the I AM Teachings among others.

Legends of Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta is located in California. This mountain has numerous legends and myths about it. For instance, it is believed to host a secret city under its peaks. Other legends and myths suggest that the city is deserted while others claim that the city hosts mythical animals or human beings with superior technology.

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